The Teligent Difference

Teligent's mission is to leverage its fixed-wireless experience and assets to provide backhaul services to carriers, point-to-point services to multi-location businesses, dedicated Internet connectivity to enterprise customers, in addition to long distance services, to 74 markets across the country.

With our proprietary technology and capital deployed in all 74 markets, we enable our business customers and carriers to transport data quickly and securely, cost effectively, and completely independent of any other carrier.

Scalable Bandwidth Solutions Without The Wait:

Whether you need a T1 or OC-Level connectivity, our fixed wireless technology can provide you with a broad array of bandwidth options, immediately available, and easily scaled to grow with demand. Wireless installation can be completed in very short time frames - often in days, not months. Big bandwidth with no constraints.

Carrier Grade:

Teligent utilizes only licensed spectrum which it exclusively controls in 74 markets across the country. Teligent's network is designed for greater than 99.995% end-to-end reliability, with the highest levels of security as licensed spectrum transmission uses only proprietary and customized equipment and protocols.

Cost Effective:

Fixed-wireless capital and installation costs are much lower than that of fiber. Furthermore, Teligent's cost structure allows it to price very competitively on its products and services.

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